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Metal floor grid is made of flat steel according to a certain spacing and crossbar arrangement, through the pressure welding machine or manually welded into the center with a square lattice of a steel product, metal floor grid is mainly used to do gutter cover, steel structure platform plate, steel ladder step plate. The crossbar is usually made of twisted square steel. Metal floor grid is generally made of carbon steel,stainless steel,hot-dip galvanized exterior, can play a role in preventing oxidation.

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metal floor grid features and uses

Metal floor grid has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, explosion-proof and other properties. Metal floor grid is widely used in various fields of industry, the surface impact has the strongest resistance, especially the crossbar spacing of 50mm. Metal floor grid has a strong resistance to lateral impact.

metal floor grid use
Easy-to-install blocks
metal floor grid features
Customizable edge styles
metal floor grid uses
High load-bearing capacity
metal floor grid feature
Long service life


Boasting high strength and a lightweight structure.

The solid grid pressure welding construction ensures high bearing capacity, lightweight design, and ease of lifting.

Exhibiting an appealing appearance and durability, the hot-dip zinc surface treatment ensures excellent corrosion resistance and a beautiful finish.

Providing exceptional ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, and anti-skid properties.

Effectively resisting the accumulation of dirt.


Steel grid mesh flooring is widely used in petrochemical, power plant, water plant, sewage treatment plant, municipal engineering, sanitation engineering and other fields of platforms, walkways, theaters, visiting platforms, parking lots and other large places ground platform, and so on.

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Steel grid mesh flooring specification

Flat steelThe material of flat steel is Q235A or stainless steel, there are common plane type, non-slip tooth type and section I type. Commonly used specifications are 20 * 5, 25 * 5, 25 * 3, 32 * 5, 32 * 5, 40 * 5, 40 * 3, 50 * 5, 65 * 5, 75 * 6, 100 * 8, 100 * 10 and so on.
CrossbarMaterial for Q235A or 304 stainless steel round steel, twisted square steel, square steel or hexagonal steel. Twisted square steel is made of disk garden by square mold wire drawing and twisted and become, its common specifications are 5 * 5, 6 * 6, 8 * 8mm, etc.
Welding requirementsWe must remove the paint, rust, oil and water on the surface of supporting steel beams and galvanized metal floor grid before welding.

More materials, wider applications

hot-sale Aluminium open grid flooring

Aluminum open grid flooring, also known as aluminum grating, has an open view, ventilation, and air permeability, its lines are bright and neat, layered, reflecting the modern style of simple and clear. Aluminum open grid flooring is simple and easy to install and dismantle and has become the main product of the decorative market in recent years.

Aluminium open grid flooring specifications

Standard height: 10mm or 15mm, height 20mm, 40mm, 60mm and 80mm can be selected;

Common Size: 50X50mm, 75X75mm, 100X100mm, 125X125mm, 150X150mm, 200X200mm respectively;

Sheet Size: 10 * 10mm, 15 * 15mm, 25 * 25mm, 30 * 30mm, 40 * 40mm, 50 * 50mm, 60 * 60mm;


Reasons why our metal floor grid is chosen in practical applications


In practical applications, our metal floor grid is mostly used in industrial places. Its portability and mobility make it suitable for wider and more flexible applications. Especially in high-altitude operations and water operations, it has incomparable advantages over other types of floors. Especially when working on water, the densely packed square holes can provide both drainage and anti-slip. Our metal floor grid can provide corresponding sizes, surface treatments, and even packaging and installation methods according to your usage scenarios.

In addition, the superior anti-skid performance is also the reason why metal floor grid is popular in complex working environments. AGICO offers both smooth and zigzag metal floor grids. Compared with ordinary floors, metal floor grid is suitable for workers to pass by, and it also facilitates the movement of various types of machinery.