Metal Drain Grates For Sale

Metal drain grates with high load-bearing capacity

With its unique grid structure and superior load-bearing capacity, steel grating has become a popular choice for drainage in many areas. Metal drain grates can be found everywhere in our lives, from homes to roads, from factories to ships. Compared with conventional skid plates, steel grating, the market demands more anti-slip ability, load capacity and durability from Metal drain grates, as more considerations are needed to realize safe operation in wet and watery environments.

Metal drain grates is a drainage device made of steel with a unique grid structure that is widely used in modern construction and municipal projects. Its main function is to realize efficient drainage through open design to prevent water accumulation and clogging. As urbanization continues to accelerate, there is a growing demand for urban infrastructure construction.

metal drainage grate
metal drain grates
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Advantages of our steel grating for drainage

Efficient drainage

Its open grid design can quickly and effectively remove rainwater and sewage, avoiding safety hazards and environmental problems caused by stagnant water. It is not easy to be blocked and easy to be cleaned.

Ability to intercept debris

The gap of the metal drain grates can effectively intercept leaves, plastic bags and other large debris, which can prevent it from entering the drainage system, to keep the drainage system unimpeded.


Our steel grating for drainage is not only applicable to roads, bridges, parks and other municipal projects, but also can be used in industrial plants, commercial buildings and residential neighborhoods to meet the drainage needs of different areas.

Corrosion resistance

The specially treated steel grating for drainage has good corrosion resistance, suitable for various harsh environments and prolongs service life.

 Sturdy structure

The use of high-quality steel, high strength and durability, can withstand heavy loads, not easy to deformation and damage.


Simple appearance, enhance the road landscape, can be customized to the appropriate color to coordinate with the surrounding environment.

Easy to install and maintain

Metal drain grates usually adopts modular design, which is simple and quick to install, and also easy to maintain and replace.



Customized metal drain grates

Material Selection – Among the many metal materials, stainless steel and galvanized steel have received popularity in metal drain grates in various fields due to its robustness and corrosion resistance.

Pattern Design – Metal drain grates is mostly chosen for its grid design, which is welded by bearing flat steel and cross bars arranged in latitude and longitude, and the size of the grid can be customized according to the place of use, in order to prevent the possibility of items falling from the mesh holes, and at the same time, improve the efficiency of drainage and reduce the difficulty of cleanup.

Anti-slip performance – The surface of metal drainage grate for driveway is specially treated, we provide both serrated and smooth type to meet different anti-slip requirements, the raised curvature of the serrated type can also be customized according to the corresponding application sites to improve the safety in harsh environments.

Size & thickness & weight – we will be based on the load requirements and the use of the environment, combined with your cost requirements, under the premise of quality assurance to provide the most reasonable design program!

steel grating for drainage
metal drainage grate for driveway
steel gratings for drainage
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Metal drain grates applications


Metal drain grates for parks, squares and other public facilities – keep the ground dry, beautiful and practical.


Metal drain grates for shopping malls, parking lots and other areas – improve pedestrian and vehicle safety, easy to clean and maintain.


Metal drain grates for factories and warehouses to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.


Metal drain grates for ports and harbors – to cope with seawater corrosion and to carry freight weights.

Typically, metal drainage grate for driveway is installed on both sides of the road, the terrain is low, so as to facilitate the use of water flow to improve the efficiency of drainage. It is not uncommon for an entire roadway to be made up of metal drain grates in certain specialized environments.