Perforated Metal Stair

Perforated metal stairs for sale

Perforated metal stairs refer to punched perforated panels used as stair steps. They are often bent to form the shape of stairs and are popular in the current interior decoration field. Compared with conventional stairs, perforated metal stairs have lower installation costs, lower installation environment requirements, and better decorative effects. At the same time, compared with ordinary punched plates, perforated metal stairs have higher requirements for load-bearing and wear resistance, and need to meet daily walking wear and ensure safety.

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perforated metal staircases for decorative use

In practical applications, there are many hole styles for performed metal stairs, the most common ones are round and square, among which round holes are more popular because round holes can well neutralize the lines of the space in interior decoration. Visually improve the comfort of decoration. In terms of material selection, perforated metal stairs mostly choose steel and stainless steel. These two materials have better load-bearing properties. Surface-treated perforated metal stairs have better corrosion resistance and aesthetic value.

Advantages of our decorative perforated metal stairs

1. Optional styles and colors to meet different decorative and practical needs

2. It is easy to install while meeting the load-bearing requirements, and is both economical and safe.

3. Specific dimensions can be customized, including step height, width, etc.

4. Good light transmittance and ventilation

5. Smooth surface, fine mesh, simple structure, easy to maintain and clean

6. Fire-resistant and wear-resistant, strong resistance to deformation


Perforated metal stairs can not only be used as a tool to connect spaces, but also can be used as display racks, bookshelves, etc. to achieve the multi-purpose function of one thing. This not only saves space, but also adds more practicality to the space.

Perforated metal stairs for industrial use

At the same time, perforated metal stair treads are also widely used in the industrial field. For environments that require high-altitude operations, perforated metal stair treads are popular for their simple and safe performance. Perforated metal stair treads that are easy to install and disassemble quickly can effectively reduce engineering cycle and cost.

Advantages of our industrial perforated metal stairs

1. High load-bearing capacity – suitable for places that need to carry heavy equipment and large amounts of people

2. Corrosion resistance – can effectively protect the dormitory from chemical corrosion, salt, humidity and other adverse factors

3. High adaptability – suitable for indoor and outdoor, high and low temperature environments


 matching perforated staircase handrails supply


The matching perforated staircase handrails are precisely designed and produced to perfectly match the perforated metal stair treads in terms of aesthetics and practicality. The perforated staircase handrails are non-slip and comfortable, with a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, in actual use, the perforated staircase handrails can also be used as display racks