Perforated Corrugated Sheet

Perforated Corrugated Sheet

Perforated corrugated sheet is a new type of construction material widely used in the field of architecture. It is made by rolling metal thin sheets into a wavy shape.

The perforated corrugated sheet facade system is suitable for various building exteriors, providing a unique architectural curve beauty while integrating functions such as ventilation, waterproofing, insulation, and soundproofing. With its excellent waterproof performance, superb aluminum alloy texture, and comprehensive technical support, perforated corrugated sheet has gained wide applications in multiple sectors.

Advantages of perforated corrugated sheet

Our perforated corrugated metal has a compressive strength of up to 256 MPa and a yield strength of 100-132 MPa, resulting in a longer service life and a more cost-effective choice.

We offer various designs for our perforated corrugated sheet, including flat panels, fan-shaped panels, and curved panels. Detailed dimensions can be customized.

We provide multiple manufacturing processes and surface treatment options to design the most economical and practical solutions based on your requirements and drawings.

Our perforated corrugated metal offers numerous advantages, including lightweight, high strength, fire resistance, aesthetic appeal, earthquake resistance, easy transportation, and construction.

A wide range of colors and styles are available for selection.

The Manufacturing Process of Perforated Corrugated Sheet

To produce perforated corrugated sheet, various materials can be used, such as ordinary steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and alloys with different compositions. Surface treatments can include powder coating, fluorocarbon paint, or galvanization. The metal sheet with punched holes is then further bent or curved to create panels with a corrugated decorative style. Consequently, the patterns and styles of perforated corrugated sheet are virtually limitless, as different punching patterns and bending techniques can be chosen to manufacture various styles of perforated corrugated sheet.

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Applications of perforated corrugated sheet

Perforated corrugated sheet is widely applied in public places such as airports, sports arenas, exhibition centers, railways, highways, broadcasting halls, theaters, multipurpose halls, conference rooms, music halls, and classrooms. Its primary purpose is to serve as a decorative element, enhancing aesthetics and reducing noise.

High-quality perforated corrugated metal in practical applications requires excellent noise reduction performance, high stability, and resistance to deformation.