Perforated Brass Sheet

Perforated Brass Sheet

Perforated brass sheet is a very popular metal perforated sheet in the decorative field, with high tensile strength, and is generally used for decorative mesh in homes, office buildings, hotels and other places. Because of its unique color gloss and physical properties, it plays an important role in many fields.

Advantages of our perforated brass sheet

Aesthetic advantage. Our perforated brass sheet is novel in style, flat and smooth, with a unique sense of luster, and the golden appearance gives the perforated brass sheet a distinctive sense of magnificence.

Good mechanical properties. Our perforated brass sheet has good workability under hot and cold pressure. In addition, brass, as a fireproof and corrosion-resistant metal, can achieve different alloy properties by adjusting the content of zinc, silicon, manganese, lead, iron and other elements inside.

Perforated brass sheet has the advantage of easy cleaning and maintenance, and can be used in various environments and has certain environmental value.

We provide various specifications of perforated brass sheet, which can be subsequently processed with titanium plating, etching, fingerprint-free and other deep processing to meet different needs.

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Production process of perforated brass sheet

  • The production process of perforated brass mesh starts with the precise design of a mold, and the quality of a mold largely determines the quality of the product.
  • Punching. Using CNC punching machine to punch out various patterns on the brass sheet, or use laser punching if it is a complicated pattern.
  • Cutting. Cut from the whole roll of the plate into the required size.
  • Cut the edge. If the edge of the sheet is out of the required tolerance standard during the production process, the technician can remove the excess edge.
  • Flattening. perforated brass mesh is prone to deformation by stamping, so a leveling machine is needed to restore the deformed perforated sheet to its original shape. The thickness range of steel plate that can be leveled is 0.8-12mm.
  • Clean. Punching production process will inevitably produce scratches, in the process of punching can use lubricants as little as possible to appear scratches, and later there is a process of oil removal, can go out of the perforated mesh surface oil stains.
  • Forming and deep processing. After all the previous processes, we can do a series of deep processing, such as leveling, cutting, labeling, packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, annealing, painting, electroplating, welding, polishing, bending, roll forming, etc.

Applications of perforated brass sheet


Perforated brass mesh is mostly used in the decoration industry and is suitable for many occasions and environments. At the same time, brass perforated metal sheet has certain craft value, besides being used as space partition and wall decoration, perforated brass sheet can be made into various styles and can also be used as art ornaments.

In addition, perforated brass mesh can also be used as precision machine parts, because of its easy cutting, perforated brass sheet can be made into a variety of shapes with little error, so it plays an important role in the production of precision instruments.