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About Flattened Expanded Metal

The flat expanded metal is a standard steel plate mesh processed by cold rolling mills. This process reduces the thickness of the plate and stretches the diamond pattern, resulting in a flat, uniform diamond surface. Flattened expanded metal is highly suitable for various industrial or architectural applications where humans or animals come into contact with metal.


Specification Of Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet

Flattened expanded metal is made by passing raised expanded metal through a cold rolled reducing mill, leaving a flat and smooth surface. By flattening the sheet, the bonds and strands are turned down to produce a smooth and flat surface – essentially elongating the LWD of the diamond. After the metal mesh is flattened, the metal mesh plate will be sent through a sheet leveler to maintain its flatness.

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Flattened expanded metal specification

Materials: Carbon steel, low carbon steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.

Flattened expanded metal thickness: 0.3mm-20mm

Flattened expanded metal sizes: 1/2,3/4,1’× 2′,1′ × 4′,2′ × 2′,2′ ×4′,4′ × 4′,4′ × 8′,5′ × 10′,or made to size.

Hole shape: Diamond

Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, anti-rust paint, powder coated, PVC coated, etc.

Application: Construction Wire Mesh, Protecting Mesh, Decorative Mesh, Filter, Sieving Diversified Pellet, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Cages

Usage: Protection, Aquaculture, Water Conservancy Construction, Civil Building, Railway Construction, Road Construction

Advantages Of Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet

flatened expaned metal application
flattened expanded metal application

Unique mesh structure of flattened expanded metal offers strength, toughness, and flexibility.
High porosity from expansion reduces weight and improves air & light transmittance.
Smooth surface & regular holes create decorative appeal.
Easy to cut, bend, weld & install.
Made of corrosion-resistant materials for durability in harsh environments.
Lightweight with high strength, ideal for lightweight applications.
Widely used in construction, decoration, protection, and filtration.
Is standard or flattened expanded metal stronger?

Owing to the expanding process, the metal sheet can be expanded up to 8 times its original width, losing up to 75 % its weight per meter, and becomes stronger. So it is lighter, less expensive than a single metal sheet.