Expanded Aluminum Mesh

Expanded Aluminum Mesh

Expanded aluminum mesh refers to a material made by special mechanical processing of aluminum sheets into a mesh-like structure. The production process of expanded aluminum mesh uses stamping and drawing techniques, which are more environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

As a special expanded mesh, expanded aluminum mesh is highly regarded in multiple application fields, thanks to its special tensile material properties and glossiness. Depending on the different “grid patterns,” expanded aluminum mesh can exhibit a rich variety of external images. As an indoor and outdoor building sunshade and decorative material, it not only provides various practical functions to buildings but also gives people a special visual effect in terms of the aesthetic decoration of buildings, achieving functionality, practicality, and beauty in one.

different aluminum expanded metal mesh

Specification of Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

MaterialAluminum sheet (1100/1060, 3003, 5005, 6061, series 1 pure aluminum, series 3 aluminum-manganese alloy, series 5 aluminum-magnesium alloy, series 6 aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy)
ColorMetallic, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, red, black, gray, solid color/monochrome, wood grain, stone pattern, silver/flash silver, gold, champagne gold, rose gold, natural color, titanium gold, high gloss, matte, two-tone, three-tone, customized patterns, antique bronze, and other colors.
Mesh patternDiamond, hexagonal, fish scale, etc., can be customized with special patterns.
Mesh size20×40mm, 25×50mm, 30×60mm, etc., can be customized with other sizes.
Wire diameter3mm+, 20×40mm, 25×50mm, 30×60mm, etc.
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The characteristics of expanded aluminum mesh

Strong load-bearing capacity

One outstanding features of expanded aluminum mesh its strong load-bearing capacity, lightweight, good rigidity, and high strength. A 3mm-thick aluminum sheet weighs only 8kg per square meter, with a tensile strength of 1-28n/mm2. Our expanded aluminum mesh is made from original aluminum sheets cut and expanded using new technology, resulting in a lightweight and strong mesh body. Its unique durability as a metal material allows it to easily withstand adverse weather conditions such as storms.

Visually appealing

In addition to its excellent performance, expanded aluminum mesh is also visually appealing. It can be treated with various surface processes such as galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and PVC dipping, which makes it resistant to rust and aesthetically pleasing. From a purely decorative standpoint, aluminum expanded metal mesh has characteristics similar to woven fabrics, providing visual enjoyment. When used as an indoor roof or partition wall, its unique transparency and glossiness give the space more aesthetic pleasure.

Easy to clean & maintain

Expanded aluminum mesh is not easily stained and is easy to clean and maintain. The non-stick surface of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult for pollutants to adhere to the surface of the aluminum expanded metal mesh.

Easy to install

Expanded aluminum mesh is easy to install, and can be replaced individually. Its customizable product models and complete specifications are supplied directly from the factory, so it can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Fire resistance & corrosion resistance

Expanded aluminum mesh also has good fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Our expanded aluminum mesh is coated with Kynar-5 or Hylur5 PVDF fluorocarbon paint, which can maintain its color for up to 25 years.

Recyclable & environmentally friendly

Expanded aluminum mesh is also recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. It can be recycled up to 1%, which is higher than other decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, and aluminum-plastic panels, which have high residual value.

Overall, expanded aluminum mesh is a versatile and practical material with excellent performance, which is convenient to use and has many advantages in terms of aesthetics, quality, and environmental protection.

Applications of Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

aluminum expanded mesh
aluminum expanded metal
aluminum metal application

Aluminum expanded metal mesh is widely used in various fields, such as households, agriculture, construction, medicine, filtration, protection, pest control, and handicraft manufacturing. Thanks to its combination of rigidity and flexibility, aluminum expanded metal sheets are highly popular in the construction and decoration industries. They are suitable for public buildings, comprehensive office buildings, and decorative curtain wall projects that require noise reduction, sound insulation, and reduced light pollution. Decorative aluminum expanded metal sheets can be divided into indoor ceiling aluminum plate decorative meshes and outdoor curtain wall steel plate meshes, both of which are made from raw materials that are stretched and formed into aluminum plate decorative meshes several times their original length using a large precision steel plate expansion machine. This not only improves the hardness and strength of the aluminum plate decorative mesh but also reduces its weight and increases the utilization rate of raw materials.