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Grip Strut

Grip strut safety grating, also called diamond grip grating, is an anti-slip material with a hole pattern that resembles the mouth of an alligator. It is made through a special stamping process that creates long, oval-shaped holes and bends them at a certain angle to enhance its anti-slip effect. The alligator mouth anti-slip plate can be made from various metal sheets, such as iron, aluminum, or stainless steel, depending on the intended use environment. Iron plates can be electroplated with zinc, hot-dip galvanized, or spray-painted after being processed to extend the lifespan of grip strut safety grating in specific scenarios.

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Specification of grip strut safety grating

MaterialStainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized iron plate, aluminum plate
ColorMostly black and silver, customizable
Production TechnologyCNC punching – shearing – bending – welding – forming
Bending MethodCrocodile mouth anti-slip plate can be folded on both sides and placed in the groove of the gutter. It can also be folded on all four sides, with the shorter side perforated for anti-theft bolts, as steel ladder treads or mechanical pedal installations.
Secondary ProcessingBending, polishing
SizeCustomizable, generally 1-5m, special customization can reach over 6 meters
Mesh SizeMesh width 5.0-20 (mm), mesh length 20-50 (mm)
Thickness1.5-6mm (some hole types can be up to 8mm thick)
CustomizationMesh distance, edging size, padding
Production ProcessFirst determine the size required by the customer, then customize the plate, and then undergo two stamping processes (first punch out the elongated hole, then use the customized mold to stretch the elongated hole into the shape of a crocodile mouth).
Recommended SolutionUse hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment after stamping black iron plate into shape.
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Advantage of grip strut

  • Efficient Anti-slip – Grip strut’s unique teeth shape enhances its anti-slip effect, ensuring efficient safety for personnel in various complex working environments.
  • Rust-resistant and Corrosion-resistant -Diamond grip grating has lower maintenance costs and longer service life.
  • Lightweight and Attractive – Diamond grip grating is easy to install and has a strong aesthetic appeal.
  • Customizable – We support customization based on client designs, and we have a professional design team and technical staff to produce unique sizes and patterns.
  • Wide Range of Applications – Grip strut safety grating can be used indoors and outdoors, in industrial and agricultural settings, and in workshop walkways, among others.
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aluminum grip strut

In terms of materials, grip strut safety grating now commonly use metal materials such as iron plates, galvanized plates, aluminum plates, and stainless steel plates. As a result, the service life of anti-slip plate is now longer and their applications are more diverse. Among them, galvanized grip strut and stainless steel grip strut are favored by various industries due to their high corrosion resistance, while aluminum grip strut play a unique role due to their higher flexibility.

Aluminum grip strut is made from high-quality aluminum alloy sheets, produced on CNC punching machines. It can be customized with different thicknesses, materials, hole patterns, and sizes according to customer requirements. Aluminum grip strut can undergo different forms of deep processing, such as bending, laser cutting, and anodizing.

Advantages of aluminum grip strut

Corrosion resistance and durability

Has a unique luster that can be spray-painted in different colors as needed

The option of adding single or double-sided film to prevent scratches and wear

aluminum grip strut