Grate Lock Safety Grating

Grate lock safety grating

Grate lock safety grating is a special type of anti-slip plate that combines anti-slip and drainage functions, mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor drainage systems. It can maintain friction even in humid environments and prevent slipping and falling. Grate-Lock is an easy-to-install interlocking grating, tread, and accessory system that provides safe and sturdy support for mezzanine floors, platforms, walkways, and other environments that require anti-slip performance. A large number of traction grooves and protrusions are conducive to providing a safe working surface in various weather and environments.

grate lock
grate lock safety grating
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We also offer a non-patterned surface and support various customization. You can design different anti-slip strip shapes and sizes. In addition, the gaps between the anti-slip strips can also adopt unique designs. We will propose the safest and most economical solution based on your design needs.

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Customizing Grate lock planks

MaterialStainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized iron plate, aluminum plate
ColorMostly black and silver, customizable
SizeLength, width and thickness can be customized
PatternThe shape, distance and size of the dents and bumps on the anti-slip strips can be customized. The size, spacing, edge size and finish of the anti-slip strips can be customized.

Advantages of Grate lock safety grating

  • Our grate lock grating has high load performance, which also means high safety.
  • Our grate lock grating is easier to install and fix, and the interlocking design between grate lock planks can help improve overall stability and practicality.
  • Compared with other types of anti-slip plates, the gaps of grate lock safety grating are larger, so the price is lower than that of anti-slip plates of the same specifications. At the same time, larger and more regular gaps give Grate lock stronger drainage and sewage discharge capabilities

We offer two types of bending, inward bending or outward bending, which can be used in combination or separately. Precise bend sizes and angles help to make the installation and replacement of the grate lock plank easier.

grate lock bending method

Application of grate lock


application of grate lock

Applications of grate lock grating are similar to steel gratings. They have many similarities. Grate lock grating has stronger ornamental and overall properties, making it convenient for large-scale use. However, the load-bearing capacity is relatively lower than that of steel gratings. Grate lock grating can be widely used in outdoor walkways, and paving instead of whole floors, achieving large-scale drainage and anti-slip. For indoor areas, it is mainly suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas, balancing practicality and aesthetics.