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about us

About Us

With multiple microcomputer CNC punch presses, we can produce anti-skid plates, perforated plates, and expanded meshes of various specifications. Common materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, titanium, and other metal and non-metal flat materials can be perforated, with small aperture sizes as small as 0.2mm and a maximum aperture size of up to 200mm.

 From material purchase, production, and processing, factory inspection, installation, and maintenance after much rigorous quality control in steel grating product technology based on continuous exploration and innovation to create high-quality steel grating products that meet environmental standards completely according to the actual needs of the project tailored to reduce costs.

Our hot-sale products

Our products are produced quickly, with high-quality and affordable prices, suitable for multiple industries, and balancing practicality with aesthetics. In addition, our products have functions such as fire resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, and dehumidification.